All plates are considered 6 to 10 people.

Other items available per customer request.

Canapés (great for weddings & cocktail hours, many other items available)

Shrimp piece $1.50

Smoked Salmon piece $1.50

Smoked Sturgeon piece $1.50

Beef Sirloin piece $1.50

Asparagus or Onion Beef Teriyaki piece $1.50

Stuffed Mushroom with Artichokes & Crabmeat piece $1.50

Cold Appetizers: Seafood + Shellfish + Asian Products

LaMirage Sushi Roll with Spicy Sauce (5 rolls min) $8.00 roll Atlantic Shrimp Cocktail w/horseradish piece $2.00

Ahi Seared Tuna over Japanese Seaweed& Condiments plate $35.00

Smoked White Tuna Escolar, Baby Aragula& Truffle Cream sauce plate $35.00

House Smoked Kampachi Loin w/ Sour Cream sauce plate $35.00

House Smoked Cod Loin w/ Sour Cream sauce plate $35.00

Red Caviar (1 lb) $30.00

Blini for Caviar 1 piece $1.00

Blini Crapes w/ Red Caviar 1 piece $4.00

Teriyaki Eel filet w/ Condiments Salad plate $35.00

Monte Carlo Style Salmon Filet, Brushed w/ Virgin Olive Oil plate $15.00

Salmon Tartar OR Tuna Tartar per person $4.00

Salmon Carpaccio w/ Eggs sprinkles, Capers, Cream Fresh plate $20.00

Alaskan Crab Claws (min 2 lb) Market Price

Alaskan King Crab Legs (up to 60 people – 20 lb) Market Price

Chilean Smoked Sea Bass Filet (min 5 lb) Market Price

Smoked Whole Sturgeon with Red Caviar (1 whole fish) Market Price

Whole Lake Trout – Farrell with Red Caviar Deco (1 whole fish) $35.00

Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout (smaller fish) $15.00

Salads & Other Cold Appetizers

Mediterranean Seafood Salad plate $20.00

Spicy Seafood Salad plate $20.00

Japanese Seaweed Salad plate $25.00

Oceanic Seafood Trio (Shrimp, Calamari, Mussels Salad) plate $20.00

Baltic Herring w/ Red Onions plate $12.00

Selodka pod Shuboy plate $15.00

Roasted Beet Salad w/ Prunes, Walnuts& Garlic Mayo Sauce plate $20.00

Gold+ Ruby Roasted Beets w/ Goat Cheese, Prunes, Walnuts, Balsamic reduction plate $25.00

Caprese Mozzarella& Tomato Salad w/Balsamic Reduction& Basil plate $30.00

Olivie Salad plate $15.00

Chicken & Pineapple Salad in Pineapple Shell plate $20.00

Beef Tongue& Reddish Salad w/ Horseradish Sauce plate $15.00

Assorted Pickled Veggies Combo w/ Marinated Opiata Mushrooms plate $15.00

Marinated Maslyata Mushrooms plate $8.00

Russian Salad w/ Sour Cream plate $12.00

Eggplant Garlic Spread w/ Crostini Bread plate $12.00

Seared Duck Breast Salad with Potato Nest plate $30.00

Prosciutto Spanish Style w/ Parma cheese plate $18.00

Beef Carpaccio plate $20.00

Village Meat Board (Salami, salo, Chicken Roll, Pork Loin w/ Garlic, Mustard& Olives) plate $35.00

Hot Appetizers: Seafood + Meats

Lobster Tail Market price

Live Maine Lobster Half Stuffed with Crabmeat & Baked with Cheese Market price

Live Maine Lobster Whole Market price

Scallops Rumaki per person $8.00

Deluxe Seafood Tray (Lobster Tail, Rockefeller Oysters, Asian Shrimp Pelmeni) per person $10.00

Shrimp& Scallop in Potato Nest per person $10.00

Seafood Kebob (Sturgeon, Scallops, Shrimp) Dijon Marinade per person $7.00

Fried Calamari per person $2.50

Whole Northern Catfish with Nuts and Herbs (1 fish up to 10 ppl) $20.00

Whole Catfish w/ Sweet Chili Sauce (1 fish up to 10 ppl) $20.00

Oven Roasted Duck each $20.00

Puff Pastry Pirozhki w/ Mushrooms& Chicken per person $2.00

Fried Pirozhki w/ meat per person $2.00

Chicken Chebureki rolls per person $2.00

Individual Mushrooms Julienne in mini Bread bowl per person $4.00

Smoked Pork Loin plate $14.00

Dumplings-Pelmeni plate $15.00

Honey Mustard Crusted Pork Tenderloin w/ demi Glaze sauce plate $15.00

Asian Baby Back Ribs w/ Sesame Seeds per person $2.50

Stuffed Quails piece $8.00

Grilled Quails piece $7.00

Lamb Crown Frenched (up to 20 ppl) $90.00

Rack of Lamb- 1 double bone per piece $5.00

Foi Gras Sauté per person $12.00

Stuffed Cabbage (at least 20 ppl) per person $3.00

Chicken Kiev per person $8.00

Chicken Brochette per person $2.00

Beef Brochette per person $3.00

Pork Brochette per person $2.00

Add Filet of Beef w/ Mushrooms top the Main Course (Short Ribs) 4oz $4.00

Add Filet Mignon to the Main Course 4oz $10.00

Add Salmon to the Main Course per person $4.00

Add Red Snapper Roses w/Lemon Butter sauce to the Main Course per person $2.00

Whole Roasted Piglet $150.00

Whole Roasted Lamb $200.00


Assorted of Fruit per person $2.00

Assortment of Berries Market Price

Blinetz with Cheese& Raspberry Sauce per person $2.00

Vareniki with Cherry’s per person $2.00 Bindi Dessert per person $6.00

Ice Cream per person $2.00


Coffee-Glaisse per person $1.50

Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Pitcher $11.00

Pellegrino bottle 750 ml $8.00

Created by AM Bell Inc.